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REXUS Ductile Iron Pipe

Ductile Iron Pipe has proven to be dependable through thousands of applications. It exhibits exceptional strength and reliability, with unequalled durability in the transport of raw and potable water, sewage and slurries. It’s able to resist damage during shipping and handling, and can withstand the most demanding working conditions, including deep trenches, heavy traffic, above ground applications, water hammer, rocky trenches, and areas of expansive, shifting and unstable soils.

PVC and HDPE Pipe

REXUS supplies PVC and HDPE pipe to complement its offering. PVC is sourced from reputable local extruders for pressure and sewer applications. REXUS supplies mPVC and uPVC pipes in sizes 40mm to 500mm and for pressure ratings PN4 to PN25.
REXUS supplies High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe for potable water, wastewater and slurries applications. Pipes are supplied in sizes 16mm to 1000mm in PE63, PE 80 and PE 100 and for pressure ratings of PN3.2 to PN16.

Steel Pipe

REXUS provides steel pipe to SANS 62, SANS 719 and API 5L specifications to the water, waste water and mining industries. Pipes are supplied in sizes from 50NB to 1000NB and are available in varying wall thicknesses of up to 12mm. Pipes are supplied as standard with a three layer polyethylene coating and epoxy internal lining. Other coatings and lining options are available on request.

Rexus provides an innovative spigot and socket or push fit jointing system for steel pipe in sizes 50NB to 400NB.

AirFlo Air Valves for Water and Sewer Applications

Airflo Air Valves

REXUS is the manufacturer and distributor of the AirFlo Variable Orifice Air Valve technology.

REXUS KII Double and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

REXUS' KII range of Double and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves are available in a double flanged design.

Double Offset valves are available with a either a rubber seal in the body or on the disc and are available in sizes DN150 to DN1800 and for pressure ratings of PN10, PN16, PN25 and PN40.

Triple Offset valves are available in size DN150 to DN2400 and for pressure ratings of PN10 to PN100



Much has changed since our founding more than 10 years ago, but REXUS remains a South African company focused on pipeline solutions and committed to earning the trust of our customers with the highest quality products.

It started with an international valve patent and a creative manufacturing approach that only REXUS could see. It evolved with the invention of each new product and service, launching REXUS into a company with global recognition. And it continues here today with an ever growing portfolio of new products, services, and forward thinking solutions that our customers love.

When you purchase from REXUS, you are not just getting a product that works; you are getting quality products and industry leading expertise you can trust. Our products excel especially in harsh and extreme applications, always exceeding our customers’ expectations. When performance matters, REXUS makes the difference!  

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