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REXUS Ductile Iron Pipe

Ductile Iron Pipe has proven to be dependable through thousands of applications. It exhibits exceptional strength and reliability, with unequalled durability in the transport of raw and potable water, sewage and slurries. It’s able to resist damage during shipping and handling, and can withstand the most demanding working conditions, including deep trenches, heavy traffic, above ground applications, water hammer, rocky trenches, and areas of expansive, shifting and unstable soils.

REXUS is one of the leading suppliers of Ductile Iron Pipe and related fittings, which are all supplied from reputable foundries under the REXUS brand. We supply a complete range of Ductile Iron Pipe and fittings to both ISO 2531/ EN545: 2006 and BS EN545: 2010 (Water) and EN598 (Sewer) specifications. These products are available in spigot and socket, as well as flanged combinations. Coatings include epoxy, black bitumen and cement mortar lining. Other coatings and linings are available on request.

We supply pipe in a size range from DN80mm to DN1200mm and in classes K8, K9 and K10 under the BS EN545: 2006 specifications and C25,30,40 and 50 under the BS EN: 2010 specifications.

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