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Series Slim Swing Check Valves



CheckFlo Series SLM Slim Swing Check Valves prove a cost effective non return valve solution for low head and small diameter pipeline operations. The design is a Wafer Design with an optional spring loaded disc for applications where rapid closure is imperative. Features and benefits of the CheckFlo Slim Swing Check Valve design includes:

  • Compact Design - Short face to face wafer design makes for economical design of pump stations.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free – The valve has only one moving part resulting in minimal wear and long service life.
  • Surge protection – Spring loaded option with a quick dynamic response minimises damaging water hammer.
  • Ease of installation – A wafer design with an e bolt that easily fits between two flanges and can easily be located and adjusted via the eyebolt.
  • Tight shutoff – This is accomplished by means of a dynamic soft O-Ring sealing design or metal-to-metal seating for high temperatures.
  • Highly customisable – CheckFlo Series SLM is designed to suit a wide variety of applications and can be supplied in a wide variety of materials, seat designs and pressure ratings to suit the client's application.
  • Technical support – We provide assistance with surge analysis and protection strategies for specific critical velocity and valve response requirements For high pressure and large diameter pipelines or, where a more superior surge protection strategy is required, please refer to the CheckFlo range of Nozzle Check Valves.

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