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VeroFlo Fabricated Steel Fittings


VeroFlo Fabricated Steel Fittings

VEROFLO is a complete range of expertly designed and professionally Fabricated Steel Fittings available in sizes DN50 to DN1600 and for Pressure Ratings of up to PN100. Fittings are fabricated from certified and traceable pipe and tube and plate and are fusion bonded epoxy coated to 300 microns as standard. Benefits include:

  • Wide product range
  • Short lead times
  • Expert engineering and design
  • All fittings available in either fusion bonded epoxy coated Steel or in Stainless Steel 304 or 316
  • On site measurement for specialised applications
  • VEROFLO forms part of a wider range of high performance products which include Couplings, Valves and Pipes

+27 11 392 4815
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